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2012-2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business & Leadership, BS

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Department Mission

  • The department’s mission is to transform lives in an extraordinary and supportive environment by preparing graduates capable of managing and leading responsibly in dynamic environments.
  • The mission is driven by the department’s philosophy, guiding principles, values, and vision. The goal is that all graduates develop a personal education and life plan that fits their individual needs and that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to become  effective leaders who integrate the management processes, the organizational functions, and the environmental influences in whatever career path they choose to pursue. The transformation comes in the form of “ah-hah” moments and shifts in thinking and action that are indicated by significant and measurable improvement. In the process, we are developing dynamic learners committed to a lifelong pursuit of exponential growth.


The deeply held beliefs and commitments that lie beneath the department mission include:

  • Staying relevant requires continuous renewal.
  • Academic freedom and integrity are essential.
  • Networks are more important than the degree.
  • Partnerships must be sustainable and add value.
  • Commencement is truly the beginning.
  • The individual defines the institution.

Guiding Principles and Values

The following principles realistically reflect the department’s values and its commitment to those values in everyday decision making. Hence, the department will:

  1. Interact with students and colleagues with trust and openness.
  2. Celebrate our differences and diversity and manifest our uniqueness.
  3. Embrace developmental change.
  4. Actively engage with the larger community.
  5. Foster a learning environment of transformational discovery.


The department’s vision moving forward is the creation of an extraordinary and supportive learning and teaching environment where the people, practices, facilities, and other resources sustain academic freedom and integrity and personal growth. Underlying this vision will be a strong departmental intentionality and commitment to fulfill its planned destiny.

Career Paths

Graduates are prepared to successfully pursue careers in corporations, government organizations, nonprofit institutions, or to start or run a small business. In addition to traditional business electives, students can choose from a range of communication, or other approved courses to meet their personal and professional goals. Graduates are also prepared to pursue graduate-level studies such as Marylhurst’s outstanding Master of Business Administration  program.

Program Learning Outcomes for the BS in Business & Leadership

The learning outcomes for students completing a BS in Business &Leadership at Marylhurst University are intended to prepare them to:

  • Lead using sustainable leadership principles for holistically integrating management processes, organizational functions, and the environmental influences.
  • Manage using effective management processes for planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  • Manage and lead in organizational functional areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, strategy and planning, information technology, and other selected areas of concentration.
  • Integrate environmental influences into organizational decision-making processes, including the competitive landscape, globalization, stakeholder interests, culture, technology, and other relevant factors.
  • Develop personal ethical principles within an organizational context for addressing ethical dilemmas arising from conflicting values.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills for interacting collaboratively in global environments.
  • Demonstrate a broad-based liberal arts perspective that is applicable for business-related analysis and decision making.
  • Create dynamic educational and personal plans.

Major Requirements for the BS in Business & Leadership

Note: Coursework with a grade less than C- will not be accepted towards any program requirement. A cumulative Marylhurst GPA of 2.25 or higher is required for graduation.

Capstone Course - 3 credits

Total for the Major: 60 credits

Prerequisites for All Upper-Division Business & Leadership Courses

Any exceptions to prerequisites must be approved by the department chair.

Additional Information

By design, the required business core is kept lean in order to increase flexibility to accommodate a diverse student population. Frequent one-on-one consultation with an adviser helps students select courses that are right for them and that meet their personal plan. Most business students starting at Marylhurst transfer some community college credits and many are able to take advantage of the Prior Learning Assessment program (see Prior Learning Assessment Program ).

If students want to add an area of focus to their business degree, the department offers the following disciplines or business areas: leadership, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, business management, and sustainability.

The department also offers one-credit professional seminars (MGT 465 ) that bring students the best practices taught by leaders on the cutting edge in their field. See further information about the professional development seminars on MGT 465 Professional Development Seminars .

Core Self-Assessment

Business and leadership students take an integrated self-assessment upon entering the program in their BUS 300  class and upon completion of the program in their BUS 491  class. Most of the questions require critical thinking and knowledge of fundamental business principles (i.e., marketing, finance, managerial accounting, organizational behavior, and strategy). Students receive individual, scaled scores that demonstrate their understanding of key business concepts. The department uses the assessment to measure student academic achievement and to assess program outcomes. The assessments are taken as part of the BUS 300  and BUS 491  courses.

Articulation Agreements

Clackamas Community College

Marylhurst business programs have collaborated with Clackamas Community College for many years. The current articulations are listed below.

Retail Management Articulation Agreement

Clackamas Community College and Marylhurst University have partnered to create an innovative path for students to segue directly from the Statewide Retail Management Certificate Programs and the two-year Associate of Applied Science, Retail Management degree into the Marylhurst Business and Leadership bachelor’s degree.

In addition to the 90 credits required for the AS degree, students can transfer an additional 30 credits for a total of 120 credits as outlined in the articulation agreement. The remaining 60 upper-division credits are to be taken at Marylhurst.

Project Management Articulation Agreement

The Marylhurst University and Clackamas Community College Business departments have partnered since 1999 to facilitate the credit-transfer process and Bachelor of Science completion for students completing the Project Management program at Clackamas Community College.

Industrial Technology Articulation Agreement: Clackamas Community College and PGE Corporate University

The need to train journeyman employees in management skills and concepts and to create a clear succession plan to replace large numbers of retiring managers is the prime motivator of this articulation agreement. Marylhurst University and the Clackamas Community College Business department have partnered to facilitate the movement of students from the Portland General Electric Corporate University/Clackamas Community College Line Apprentice and Meter Reader apprenticeship programs into Marylhurst University.

Marylhurst University Advising

As soon as Clackamas Community College students express interest in finishing their degree at Marylhurst, they will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Marylhurst adviser to ensure that an educational degree plan is created that allows them to get the mutual benefits of both schools. This process helps students take the right classes at the right school saving time, saving money, and maximizing the quality and value of their education.

Additional Business Articulation Agreements

The Marylhurst University School of Business has additional articulation agreements with other community colleges. Please contact the department for further information.

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