Jun 19, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

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Teacher Leadership Program

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The Teacher Leadership program is for experienced educators who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of leadership. These skills can be applied in the classroom, on a team or at the school, district, state and national levels. In Teacher Leadership courses, students explore leadership roles and styles as well as current educational issues and effective leadership strategies. Candidates develop their own leadership capacity so that they might impact change within their own realm of influence.

Admission Requirements

For detailed application instructions, please contact the Office of Admissions.

  • Education Non-Degree Application
  • Official, sealed transcripts from each college or university where a degree was earned
  • Résumé
  • Statement of intent

Program Learning Outcomes

The program outcomes for Teacher Leadership are from the Teacher Leader Model Standards developed by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium. 

  • Domain 1: Fostering a Collaborative Culture to Support Educator Development and Student Learning
    The teacher leader is well-versed in adult learning theory and uses that knowledge to create a community of collective responsibility within his or her school. In promoting this collaborative culture among fellow teachers, administrators and other school leaders, the teacher leader ensures improvement in educator instruction and, consequently, student learning.
  • Domain 2: Accessing and Using Research to Improve Practice and Student Learning
    The teacher leader keeps abreast of the latest research about teaching effectiveness and student learning, and implements best practices where appropriate. He or she models the use of systematic inquiry as a critical component of teachers’ ongoing learning and development.
  • Domain 3: Promoting Professional Learning for Continuous Improvement 
    The teacher leader understands that the processes of teaching and learning are constantly evolving. The teacher leader designs and facilitates job-embedded professional development opportunities that are aligned with school improvement goals. 
  • Domain 4: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning
    The teacher leader possesses a deep understanding of teaching and learning, and models an attitude of continuous learning and reflective practice for colleagues. The teacher leader works collaboratively with fellow teachers to constantly improve instructional practices.
  • Domain 5: Promoting the Use of Assessments and Data for School and District Improvement 
    The teacher leader is knowledgeable about the design of assessments, both formative and summative. He or she works with colleagues to analyze data and interpret results to inform goals and to improve student learning.
  • Domain 6: Improving Outreach and Collaboration with Families and Community 
    The teacher leader understands the impact that families, cultures and communities have on student learning. As a result, the teacher leader seeks to promote a sense of partnership among these different groups toward the common goal of excellent education. 
  • Domain 7: Advocating for Student Learning and the Profession 
    The teacher leader understands the landscape of education policy and can identify key players at the local, state and national levels. The teacher leader advocates for the teaching profession and for policies that benefit student learning.

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