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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

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English Literature & Writing, B.A.

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Students in the B.A. in English Literature & Writing (ELW) program take a core set of courses designed to offer a solid foundation in literature and writing. Through these core courses, we encourage critical engagement with literary and cultural texts and infuse literary study with an understanding of the connection between literature, history and writing. Students may concentrate in literature or creative writing. The literature concentration is offered fully online, fully on-ground, or in any combination of the two.

Career Paths

English literature and writing graduates frequently go on to graduate studies in creative writing, literature, digital humanities, library science, education, new media studies, law and business. Students are also well prepared to enter a variety of professions that require a strong writing ability coupled with critical thinking skills, such as writing, teaching, library science, journalism, publishing, marketing, social media, education, government and business.

Transfer Credits

Transfer courses will be accepted into the major with a grade of C or better.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students earning the B.A. in English Literature and Writing will be able to:

  1. Write an academic argument with clarity and insight, demonstrating an understanding of convention and audience.
  2. Develop well-argued interpretations of texts based on close analysis.
  3. Critically examine the relationships between literary texts and their historical and cultural contexts.
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with current literary scholarship through research and/or projects.
  5. Articulate an understanding of literary genres and the vocabulary used for analyzing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, digital media, film or other cultural texts.
  6. Utilize critical and theoretical perspectives and incorporate these into a literary analysis.
  7. Engage in service or experiential learning to connect literary studies with social and professional communities.
  8. Investigate representations of identity, including bodies, race, gender, nation, sexuality and class in literature. 

English Literature & Writing Portfolio

The ELW portfolio is intended to track and reflect student learning in the major. The requirements for the portfolio are introduced in WR 222 Introduction to Literature and Writing . The portfolio is completed in WR 498 Senior Thesis  and must be turned in at the end of that class to receive a passing grade and to complete the degree requirement of the English literature and writing major.

The ELW portfolio includes:

  1. An initial analytical essay from WR 222 Introduction to Literature and Writing  or other ELW course taken early in an English literature and writing student’s career at Marylhurst.
  2. An essay from SCS 321  Critical Theory .
  3. One example of work from an upper-division class in the concentration (literature or creative writing).
  4. A final paper from a Literary Studies class.
  5. The research essay from WR 498 Senior Thesis .
  6. A reflective essay on the program outcomes of the ELW major, using the above papers as the evidence for reflection.

English literature and writing majors should plan to gather these materials throughout the program. Senior portfolios are reviewed by ELW faculty at the end of each academic year and kept on file in the department.

Summary of Degree Requirements

Major Requirements 60 credits
Marylhurst Core Requirements
Note: Creative Arts satisfied within the major.
40 credits
General Electives 80 credits
Total credits required for degree 180 credits

Major Requirements

The following courses must be taken at Marylhurst: WR 222  and WR 498 .

Concentration - 24 credits

Students select a concentration in literature or creative writing. While each concentration stresses different aspects of literature and writing, all students investigate the interrelated aspects of language and expression - interpretation, composition and creativity.

Total for the Major: 60 credits

Creative Writing Concentration

The creative writing concentration emphasizes the creative writing process, the crafting of language, revising, editing and publishing.

Outcomes Specific to the Creative Writing Concentration:

  1. Show creative problem solving, experimentation and inventiveness through writing in various literary genres and forms. Understand the components of a writer’s craft: prosody, narrative technique, forms, genres and aesthetics.
  2. Demonstrate a familiarity with contemporary trends in writing or digital media through critical or creative work.
  3. Actively engage with the writing process through generating multiple drafts, critiquing the work of others, and revising one’s own work in response to feedback.

Literature Concentration

The literature concentration at Marylhurst University gives students the opportunity to read broadly and to study literature as a material object–that is, as a book, a digital project, a comic, or in combination with visual arts. This concentration prepares students for careers that require critical thinking and writing, graduate programs (in teaching, literature, comic arts, library science, law and publishing) as well as work in the digital humanities and new media. The literature concentration is available both on-ground, online, or in combination.

Outcomes Specific to the Literature Concentration: 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how historical and cultural contexts shape literature and its material forms such as manuscripts, books, graphic novels or digital formats.
  2. Engage with critical questions surrounding an author, period or theme.
  3. Make critical connections between literature and changing technologies.
  4. Compose creative work in text and image.
  5. Investigate representations of identity, including bodies, race, gender, nation, sexuality and class in literature.

Concentration Courses - 24 credits

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