Jun 23, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

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Music, B.A.

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Our B.A. in Music is designed for students who want to major in music, but want a broad general liberal arts education rather than intense specialization in music. In addition to taking required music classes, you’ll have the freedom to pursue your individual interests, both in music and other disciplines.

Career Paths

The music courses within the B.A. in Music provide introductions to performance, teaching, composition, music technology and other music-related fields. The liberal arts foundation of the program provides strong multi-disciplinary background for many career paths. The degree is a good pathway to pursuing a fifth-year teaching certificate or a graduate degree.


Students desiring to pursue the B.A. in Music need to meet undergraduate admission  requirements and follow the music admissions process. Acceptance is determined by music faculty and university admission staff.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Music will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate all the learning outcomes of the Marylhurst music core.
  2. In music electives, further explore various music disciplines such as composition, music technology and analysis.
  3. Synthesize the components of a musical liberal arts program into a public presentation that highlights the student’s fields of interest.

Summary of Degree Requirements

Major Requirements 82 credits
Marylhurst Core Requirements
Note: Creative Arts satisfied within the major.
40 credits
General Electives 58 credits
Total credits required for degree 180 credits

Major Requirements

At least 21 credits of music coursework must be earned from Marylhurst University. Coursework with a grade less than C will not be applied toward any major requirement.

Fundamentals - 0 credits

Theory Fundamentals Proficiency or MU 110  Music Theory Fundamentals  
Aural Fundamentals Proficiency or MU 115  Aural Fundamentals 
Keyboard Fundamentals Proficiency or MU 116  Keyboard Fundamentals 

Performance in Ensembles - 13 credits

  • ENS 2** Major Ensemble 1 cr. (taken for 6 terms)
  • ENS 300  Small Ensemble 1 cr.
  • ENS 4** Major Ensemble 1 cr. (taken for 6 terms)

Performance on Primary Instrument - 12 credits

  •  MUP 2** Applied Music 1, 1 cr. (taken for 6 terms)
  •  MUP 4** Applied Music 2, 1 cr. (taken for 6 terms)

Functional Keyboard Skills - 4 credits

Functional Vocal Skills - 2 credits

Concert Attendance - 0 credits

Music Electives - 10 credits

Any music course may be used to meet this requirement.

Music Capstone - 1 credit

Total for the Major: 82 credits

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