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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

Tuition & Fees

The Marylhurst University Board of Trustees establishes tuition and fee rates annually and reserves the right to change fees and amend policies when deemed necessary. Tuition and fee rates are generally adjusted at the beginning of summer term and remain in effect until the end of the following spring term.

Tuition and fee charges are generated automatically when a student registers for one or more classes. The student is responsible for payment of all tuition charges for all registered classes whether or not the student attends the class. The university does not normally remove students from classes for lack of attendance and faculty/advisers are not responsible for dropping students from classes.

Students with an outstanding balance due on their student account will have an accounts receivable hold (AR hold) placed on their account and will not be able to register for classes. For more information about AR holds, students should contact the Office of Student Accounts at cashier@marylhurst.edu or 503.699.6278.

Some miscellaneous fees, such as fees for admissions, transcripts, studio use, and travel study, must be paid in advance of the university providing the service.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fees

Matriculation Fee: $150
International Student Matriculation Fee: $200

Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate tuition, per credit: $463

Graduate Tuition

Art Therapy Counseling, Food Systems & Society, and MBA, per credit: $628
Education, per credit: $560
Interdisciplinary Studies, Religious Studies, per credit: $618

Special Tuition

CEUs (Continuing Education Units), per unit: $175
CEUs - EDU 050, BUS 050, per unit: $100
Undergraduate course audit, per credit: $278
Graduate course audit, per credit: $371
Elder Learning (65 or older) audit: $50 per credit

A detailed tuition and fee schedule is available on the Marylhurst website.

Payment for Dropped or Withdrawn Classes

Students who drop one or more classes prior to the published drop deadlines will receive a 100-percent tuition reversal on their student account for each class dropped. Students who withdraw from one or more classes after the published drop deadlines will receive no reversal of tuition charges on their student account.

Payment Due Dates

Payment in full for quarterly tuition and fees is generally due by the end of the second week of classes each term (see the website for specific due dates) unless payment arrangements have been approved by the Office of Student Accounts.

Payment Options

Payment may be made in the following ways:

  • In person to the cashier in the Office of Student Accounts. Accepted forms of payment are cash, personal and business checks, bank certified checks, and money orders.
  • In My Marylhurst using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or ACH payment from your preferred bank account. Debit cards are not accepted online. Credit card payments will be assessed a service fee for the costs incurred for processing credit card payments; the fee is collected by our third party credit card processor.
  • With accepted financial aid awards such as grants, scholarships, loans, tuition waivers and tuition discounts.
  • Directly by your employer through third-party billing.
  • Through a tuition payment plan.

Late Payment

A late payment fee will be assessed on unpaid student account balances the first business day following the second full week of the term and monthly thereafter until payment is made or until the student account is assigned to a collection agency.

Returned Item Fee

A Returned Item Fee will be charged to student accounts immediately upon notification of a returned paper check, electronic check, or eRefund. The Office of Student Accounts will inform students upon applying the Returned Item Fee to student accounts.

Non-Payment of Student Account

All outstanding student account balances receive an AR hold prior to the opening of registration for the subsequent term, which prevents registration with the university. Issuance of diplomas or academic transcripts may also be withheld for non-payment of your student account. Any student with an outstanding student account balance over 90 days will receive a 10-day notification of collection processing letter sent to the student address on record. If the student does not respond within the 10 days, the student account will be assigned to a collection agency.

View Student Account Online

Students are responsible to review their student account periodically throughout the term and clear all student account balances in a timely manner. You can view your student account in CASHNet through My Marylhurst.

Student Account Debit Balances and Monthly Statements

Student accounts with debit balances (amounts owed to the university) are sent monthly statements via the email on record. Statements reflect the current status of a student’s account at the time the statement is generated. Students are responsible to review their student account periodically throughout the term and clear all student account balances in a timely manner.

Student Account Credits

Student account credits (other than payments) are generated by the Office of Financial Aid. Credits may include, but are not limited to, grants, scholarships and loans. Adjustments and corrections to financial aid credits can only be made by the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Account Credit Refunds

Student account credit balances confirmed by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday are generally refunded by the following Friday. Credit balance refunds from term-based financial aid are available beginning the third Friday of each new term. Students may elect to receive their refund via direct deposit. Students may enroll for direct deposit in CASHNet through My MarylhurstIf you are not signed up for direct deposit, refund checks are available for pick up between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Office of Student Accounts. Checks not picked up by 3:00 p.m. will be mailed to the student address on record. Credit balances of $25 or less will only be refunded upon request.

Financial Aid Book Vouchers (Tuition Advances of Pending Aid)

Students who have a pending credit on their student account from the application of pending financial aid may be eligible to receive a financial aid book voucher in advance of receiving the refunded credit balance. With pending financial aid, a student may request a financial aid book voucher (up to a maximum of $500) for the purchase of qualifying books and supplies. Book vouchers are available approximately five weeks before the first day of the term through the second Friday of the term. One book voucher will be issued per student account, per term. For more information on how to obtain a book voucher, contact the Office of Student Accounts.

More detailed information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available on the university website.

Applying for Financial Aid

Complete information on applying for and receiving financial aid is available on the university website and in the Financial Aid Handbook.