May 22, 2018  
2017-2018 Student Handbook 
2017-2018 Student Handbook

Student Rights & Responsibilities

All members of the Marylhurst University community share the responsibility to secure and respect those conditions that are conducive to your freedom to learn. Therefore, Marylhurst has developed policies and procedures which provide and safeguard this learning privilege, within the framework of general standards, and with the broadest possible participation of all members of the university.

University Facilities and Services

Rights: All students have the right to make full use of the facilities and services of the university as they are available.

Responsibilities: Students are expected to use these facilities and services responsibly and with consideration for other members of the university community.

Within the Physical and Virtual Classroom


  • To know in writing from the instructor the goals and content of the course, expectations for and the methods to be used for grading and evaluation.
  • To be evaluated solely on the materials from, and performance in, the course.
  • To know the availability of the instructor for consultation and the method for contacting the instructor on an individual basis.
  • To do a written evaluation.

Responsibilities: A student who enrolls in a course has the responsibility to observe the standards of conduct established by the instructor and the institution to ensure the freedom of the instructor to teach and the other students to learn.

To be eligible for graduation from the university, students are responsible for meeting the university’s published requirements for graduation as stated in the Marylhurst University Catalog in effect at the time of admission or any subsequent catalog the student has requested to use.

Outside the Classroom

Rights: Students have a right to academic advising, dissemination of information, and clarification of the university’s policies and procedures. Faculty and staff are expected to be sensitive to reasonable requests made by students and to offer assistance as is necessary and feasible.

Responsibilities: Students have a responsibility to follow university policies and procedures.


Rights: Students have a right to be free from discrimination on the basis of a disability. Reasonable accommodations required under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are provided at no cost to students.

Responsibilities: Students must inform the Disability Services office in a timely manner of the disability they experience and provide appropriate documentation in order to receive the necessary academic accommodations.

Any student who experiences a specific disability that qualifies them for academic accommodations and/or auxiliary aids should contact Disability Services at 503.534.4073; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4073; Secure Fax: 503.697.5596, or email