May 22, 2018  
2017-2018 Student Handbook 
2017-2018 Student Handbook

Student Support Services

The resources listed below are designed to help support you in your academic success. The services range from academic advising to services for student veterans. Additional information about other university services and offices will follow this section.

Academic Advising

Location: BP John Administration Building second floor, south
Contact: 503.534.4050; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4050;

Marylhurst Academic Advisors can assist you with any questions you may have about degree planning, university policies and procedures, course selection, referral to specialized services, and to help troubleshoot any academic difficulties you may encounter. You can drop in during posted hours or schedule an in-person or phone appointment. Your academic advisor can also arrange for you to take writing and math placement exams, as well as provide academic coaching. Academic coaches can help you improve skills in time management, study strategies, goal setting, and more. Just contact the Advising Center for more information and to set up an appointment.

In addition to your academic advisor, you are assigned a faculty mentor according to your designated major. Faculty mentors provide advice and direction to degree-seeking students in matters related to academic programs and career preparation. Consult the Marylhurst University Catalog current at the point of admission for all official academic information.


Location: Nancy Wilgenbusch (Aquinas) Hall
Contact: 503.699.6268; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 6298;

The Office of Admissions is responsible for assisting you with application to your program and the university. This office is often the first contact you have with Marylhurst University. All incoming transcripts should be sent to the Office of Admissions. The office serves both domestic and international students.

Campus Ministry

Location: Marian Hall, Room 202
Contact: 503.534.4066;

The Campus Ministry Office is a Catholic ministry supporting individual spiritual growth among people of all faiths. We offer opportunities for prayer and ritual, spiritual guidance, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, community service and outreach. See Upcoming Events at for current university ministry activities, Mass times, prayer services and events.

Campus Safety

Location: BP John Administration Bldg., ground floor north
Contact: 503.699.6262;

Marylhurst is committed to providing a safe educational environment for all students. In an emergency, dial 911 from any pay telephone or cell phone or dial 9-911 from any campus telephone. Then, contact Campus Safety at 503.534.7000 from a pay phone or cell phone, or ext. 7000 from a campus phone.

Campus Store & Virtual Bookstore

Location: Clark Commons
Contact: 503.699.6245;

The Cup & Crow is the campus store. Located in the Clark Commons building, the Cup & Crow offers office and art supplies, Marylhurst merchandise, cafe offerings including espresso, cold drinks, fresh grab ‘n go meals from a local delicatessen and a wide variety of snacks. WiFi is available, as well as a comfortable place to relax, read or visit. 

The Cup & Crow website provides a link to the virtual bookstore, where you can order textbooks for rent or purchase. Textbooks may be picked up on campus or shipped to your address. The online store also offers Marylhurst merchandise.

Career & Professional Development

Location: Marian Hall, second floor, north wing
Contact: 503.699.6271; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 6271;

The Office of Career Services supports the mission, academic programs, and advancement of Marylhurst University. Within this context, the primary purpose of career services is to offer one-on-one assistance to you and members of the Marylhurst community in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, educational, and employment decisions and plans. Visit the Career Services website for internship information, upcoming career development events and workshops, and additional resources.  

Copy and Fax Services

Self-service copiers/printers are available in two locations on campus. Black and white copies are available in Shoen Library, and on the third floor of the BP John Administration Building near the Student Lounge. Color copies are available in Shoen Library. Cost is from 5¢ to 50¢ per copy, depending on paper size and copier type. 

Shoen Library can also assist students who need to send a fax within the U.S. Fees and other information is explained on the library website. 

Counseling Referrals

Location: BP John Administration Building, room 211
Contact: 503.534.4073; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4073;

There are a variety of low-cost and no-cost counseling resources in the local area. For a list of resources, click here. Additionally, the Campus Ministry office can offer spiritual guidance as well as assessment and referral to community resources and services. For additional information, contact your academic advisor.

Disability Services

Location: BP John Administration Building, room 211
Contact: 503.534.4073; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4073; Secure Fax: 503.697-5596;

The Disability Services Office is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal, effective and meaningful access to all programs, resources and services at Marylhurst. Our goal is to collaborate with students to identify, reduce, or eliminate barriers to obtaining education within the most integrated settings possible. You are eligible for support if you have a disability that qualifies you for consideration under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accommodations are individualized and determined based on recommendations from your healthcare provider and in cooperation with you, with respect to your specific needs. Some examples of accommodations include: note-taking assistance, extended time for testing, books in alternative formats, interpreters, ergonomic furniture and the use of assistance technology. Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the phone or email above for information or assistance.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Location: BP John Administration Bldg., second floor south
Contact: 503.699.6253;

The Office of Financial Aid handles all matters pertaining to financial assistance, including grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment. The Free Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is accepted anytime throughout the school year although some funds are limited and early applicants are given priority for these funds. The FAFSA is available online at Financial Aid counselors are available to assist you in applying for scholarships and financial aid and understanding your award. Visit the Office of Financial Aid webpage for a complete explanation of types of aid available, eligibility requirements, the application process, disbursement of funds, scholarship application forms and due dates, and links to valuable sites regarding all aspects of financial aid and scholarships.

Food Options 

Cup & Crow

Location: Clark Commons

At the Cup & Crow, you will find delicious espresso, coffee, tea, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, snacks; not to mention gifts, cards, office and art supplies, and other campus essentials.

Savor Café

Location: Clark Commons
Contact: 503.699.6254;

Savor Café offers sustainable, local, and delicious lunch options from 11:30am-1:30pm weekdays throughout the year. The café may close or have limited hours during term breaks, holidays, summer term, and special events. Visit the cafe’s webpage for the daily menu, hours and closures.

Vending Machines

Location: BP John, Administration Building, Third Floor across from Student Lounge and ground floor

Vending machines offering a variety of beverages and food are located across from the Student Lounge (Admin 318) on the third floor of the BP John Admin. Building. A second beverage machine is located on the ground floor (north end) of the BP John Admin. Building.

Health Insurance

Marylhurst University does not currently offer student health insurance, however, comprehensive medical insurance plans are available to registered students through independent sources.

International students are required to have health insurance and may purchase it through HTH Worldwide. If students choose not to purchase insurance through HTH Worldwide, a waiver must be completed verifying that alternate insurance is being carried which provides reasonable coverage in the United States.

Help Desk / Information Technology Services (ITS) 

Location: Shoen Library, Third Floor
Contact: 503.699.6318;

Technology supports many facets of your Marylhurst experience. The ITS Help Desk is your one-stop shop for technology questions. (The use of the technology provided by Marylhurst University requires that users abide by appropriate use policies detailed in the General Policies and Procedures section of this handbook.)



Canvas is the online home for teaching and learning. Most classes have a Canvas course site dedicated to them, and some classes do most of the work in Canvas. Technical support for Canvas is available 24 hours per day through the Canvas website.

Computer Availability

The Shoen Library has a large selection of computers available to students. These include both Mac and PC computers and printing capability. Some computers are located in the labs, which are open library hours unless reserved for a class. Note that all computers are erased each term, we recommend storing all your files on Google Drive or a Flash Drive.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are fully online and can be accessed via a link in Canvas or an email sent when evaluations open. We contract with a third party to ensure your anonymity; Marylhurst cannot associate your response with your identity. We value your honest feedback.



All official Marylhurst electronic correspondence will be sent to your @marylhurst email account. It is the responsibility of all students to check their university-provided email account regularly for important communications. Email at Marylhurst is hosted by Google and part of the Google Apps Core Suite. Your Google Apps account is permanent and will continue without interruption when you leave the university.

Google Apps for Education

Drive (cloud storage): 

All registered students receive their own Google Apps for Education account (this includes an email account as well as online cloud storage in Google Drive and other services). You can activate your account and change your password at

My Marylhurst


My Marylhurst is your tool to register for classes, view your grades, download syllabi, make payments and manage finances, and order transcripts.


Student housing is not currently available through Marylhurst University.

Internship Program 

Location: Marian Hall, second floor north wing
Contact: 503.669.6271;

The internship program is coordinated through the Career Services office and offers you the opportunity to earn credit for new learning achieved through experience. Students apply knowledge and skills learned in their major to appropriately supervised experiences in the community. Interns have the chance to explore career options, network, and demonstrate and solidify classroom learning in the “real world.” Opportunities are available in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Visit the Career Services webpage for more information, or email


Location: Shoen Library
Contact: 503.699.6261;

Shoen Library is the center for learning and scholarship for you at Marylhurst. The library includes study rooms, comfortable lounges, an art gallery, computer labs with PCs and Macs, a practice presentation room and media viewing area, wireless access to the Internet for your personal computer, and b/w and color copiers. Laptops are available for in-library use.

  • Collections - The library has over 98,000 print volumes and 11,000 e-books, 4,000 videos and DVDs and CDs, and current subscriptions to over 28,000 periodicals in print through the library’s research databases. You also have access to over 28 million items from over 37 different academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho through the Summit system. On-campus students can initiate requests for material that will arrive within two to three days. Distance students can have books mailed to them and articles digitized and e-mailed.
  • Research Databases - Shoen Library provides you with a selection of over 70 subject-specific and multidisciplinary research databases. Searchers can access full-text articles, business information, statistical reports, streaming classical music with scores, streaming psychology-related videos, and so forth, from on or off campus. To access the databases, go to the library website and choose “Research.” 
  • Help with Research Papers - Reference librarians provide in-depth one-on-one assistance:
    1. In person: visit library webpage or call for hours.
    2. By phone: 503.699.6261, ext. 3399, or 800.634.9982, ext. 3399.
    3. By email:
    4. By online chat available 24/7: click “Ask a Librarian” on the library website.
  • Media Equipment - You may check out digital still and video cameras, mobile digital audio recorders, mini-HD camcorders, headphones, webcams, cassette players, portable stereos, and tripods from the library. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. It must be picked up at and returned to the library. All borrowers assume responsibility for the equipment.
  • Study Rooms - The library includes study rooms with LCD screens for projecting group or individual projects; these rooms can be reserved in advance for four-hour periods. In addition, the ground floor permits talking and the use of cell phones. The ground floor also has flexible furniture, white boards and easels with paper, which can all be arranged to meet group or individual needs.

Math Resource Center 

Location: Shoen Library, ground floor
Contact: 503.534.4056;

The Math Resource Center is a free, on-campus service to undergraduate students who need assistance sharpening math skills. Tutors are available to give face-to-face help to those might benefit from more practice, seeing a problem from a different point of view or reviewing concepts from the text or course. Appointments are recommended. To schedule an appointment:

  • Stop by the Math Resource Center
  • Call 503.534.4046
  • Email 

Provide the following information when requesting an appointment:

  • your name
  • a call back number
  • the course you need assistance with
  • several times/dates you are available to come to the Math Resource Center

Note: Math Resource Center staff work part time and only check emails and voice mails at times the center is open. Please allow a full 24-hour lead time when calling or emailing for an appointment. Tutoring staff will email or phone you with an appointment time.

Registration and Records

Location: BP John Administration Building, second floor south
Contact: 503.699.6267;

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for your academic records. It handles course registration; grades; transcript requests; enrollment verification; graduation applications; changes in student information including name, address, and major/minor; and petitions for exception to policy.

  • Student Records - You are responsible for furnishing, completely and accurately, such pertinent information as required by the university so that it may perform its proper function as an educational institution. If student’s circumstance changes (i.e., name, contact information), the student is responsible for informing the appropriate university officials.
  • Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA) - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA), sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. You will be notified annually of your FERPA rights through publication of a notification statement in the Marylhurst University Catalog and by email. This notification is also available on the university website at

Student Accounts

Location: BP John Administration Bldg., second floor south
Contact: 503.699.6278;

The Office of Student Accounts handles payments to and refunds from student accounts. Payment options include financial aid, scholarships, cash, personal check, bank debit card, major credit card, monthly installments through a payment plan provider, or third-party billing (financial guarantee or voucher from an employer/benefit agency required). Refunds are generated automatically.

Student ID Cards 

Location: Shoen Library, circulation desk
Contact: 503.699.6261

Student ID cards are used for identification and also serve as your Shoen Library card. To obtain a free student ID card, bring a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license, to the circulation desk in Shoen Library. Your photograph will be taken and the card will be made at the reception desk.

Students who cannot come to campus may obtain a Distance Student ID card (no photo) by emailing a request to The Distance Student ID card will be sent by U.S. mail to the mailing address we have on file. 

Student Advisory Council



Students bring to campus a variety of interests. Everyone is encouraged to form and join organizations which promote common student interests and support the Marylhurst mission. You are also encouraged to participate in the Student Leadership Council (SLC), the student leadership organization at Marylhurst University. The SLC represents student voices in all issues of importance in the decision-making process of Marylhurst University; supports student organizations and activities with recognition, funding, planning and sponsorship; promotes and supports student engagement through self-perpetuation and modeling.

Veteran Services

Location: Advising Center, BP John Admin. Bldg., second floor, south
Contact: 503.534.4081; 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4081;

Marylhurst University thanks veterans for your service to our country and are pleased to welcome you as valued members of our learning community. Questions regarding federal and local veterans’ benefits, including the Marylhurst University Military Service Scholarship, are handled by our veteran services adviser. Call or email for an appointment or just drop in. For more information, visit the veteran resources page on the university website.

Writing Center

Location: Shoen Library, ground floor
Contact: 503.699.6277;

The Marylhurst Writing Center is open free of charge to students, faculty, and staff. Writing assistants provide feedback from a reader’s point of view to help writer flesh out ideas, fine-tune concepts, and develop strategies for organizing, editing, and proofreading your work. The Writing Center also makes available resources, including the most recent updates to MLA and APA styles, on its page on My Marylhurst.